Recruit Net is the next-generation platform that allows nursing professionals to connect with employers. We are an experienced recruitment firm that understands the pain of job-seeking and recruitment. Please note, we are not into staffing, we offer full-time recruitment to nursing professionals in Ireland.

Few Things To Remember

  • When you decide to use our services, it means you have agreed to all the terms. Your use of our service is also subject to the fact we collect, share and use your information.
  • When you join the Recruit Net, you become a member. However, if you have chosen not to register with us, you can access certain features as a visitor.
  • You must be of the minimum age to be eligible to use our services. You also need to have a Recruit Net account that must be in your real name.

Register The Account

You must register for an account at Recruit Net. This is the primary step to consider if you are looking ahead to finding a job suiting your needs. However, if you are seeking to hire a professional, then too you need to sign up with us. Fill up your details clearly to let us help you.

Apply For The Job

Browse the different job nurse job postings and find your dream job in just a few clicks. You are just a step away from hiring and getting hired.

Getting Hired

After you have signed up, you are set to go. This is the last step and you can wait for your company to call you for the interview. Our database offers you the right assistance in getting your dream job.

To get your onboard, we have streamlined the process for both nursing job seeks and healthcare sector employers. Our portal helps you find your dream job and connect with your employers really fast.