9 Reasons to Work and Live in Ireland

Paid in Euros

Working in Ireland means getting paid in Euros. In case you were unaware, the Euro is one of the strongest currencies in the world! It is 7th behind the currencies of Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, the UK, and the Cayman Islands. This means that if you come from anywhere other than the countries we just named, you’ll be making more money in Ireland relative to wherever you’re from.

Proximity to Europe

Ireland is just a stone’s throw away from the rest of Europe. Cheap flights operate out of Ireland on RyanAir, Aer Lingus, and several other carriers. Once you get here, you’ll find it’s not uncommon for people living in Ireland to fly to another country – just for the weekend! If you go through a cloudy period in Ireland (which we sometimes do) you can just pop over to Spain for the weekend. Where else in the world can you do that?!

Join a Booming Economy

Ireland’s economy has come to be known as “The Celtic Tiger” because it’s one of the strongest in Europe right now. The best part is the economy is only growing after the Brexit vote. Dublin’s Silicon Docks are known for being a tech hotspot, but it’s not just Dublin that’s experiencing the boom. Cities across the country are feeling the boom.

Natural Beauty

Ireland is home to some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries. Whatever you’re into you can find in Ireland.
Well, with the exception of warm beaches. But again, even those are close by. Just catch a 1-hour flight on RyanAir
Cliffs, hiking, biking, parks, sailing, fishing – Ireland has it all. Escape the hustle and bustle of Dublin for a weekend and head out to the surrounding fishing villages of Bray and Howth for a beautiful cliff walk. To experience the grandfather of them all, head out to the Cliffs of Moher near Galway.
Ever been hiking on the moon? Take a trip out west to The Burren and hike through a black rocky landscape, similar to what you’d find on the moon!
Ever been in the North Atlantic? Hitch a cruise or rent a boat and head out to the Irish Sea for a magnificent sailing adventure.
The best part? What we’ve listed here doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Ireland has to offer.

Tourism Hotspot

Do you work in tourism? If so, be prepared to join one of the leading tourism hotspots in the world. Ireland is home to all types of tourist attractions – natural beauty, ancient history, and modern history. There is something for everyone in Ireland.
Did you know the tomb at Newgrange is older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids? Did you know Dublin was home to the Irish Revolution in the early 1920s? Did you know Ireland and Northern Ireland are actually not the same country?
There is so much to see and learn in Ireland. You can be here for years and still not experience everything the country has to offer!

Pub Culture

The pub is the cradle of the Irish community. Don’t worry! Pubs are open to everyone, and not everyone is expected to drink. There are all types of pubs for all types of people – whether you just want to see some live music, grab a tasty dinner, or drink until the wee hours of the morning. With Ireland’s thousands of pubs, you’re bound to find at least a few that suit your style and taste.

The Friendly Irish

There’s a reason the Irish are called the Southerners of Norther Europe! The Irish are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. Nothing is taken too seriously, making fun of yourself is common, and the motto is simply to enjoy friends, family, and life.

Great Food

Most likely you don’t have an Irish restaurant where you’re from, and that makes sense. Irish cuisine is not necessarily what makes Irish food great. But what does make Irish cuisine great is the quality of their ingredients. The milk, eggs, bread, butter, and fish are some of the best in Europe. All the Irish meat is labeled regarding when and where it comes from.

There are also heavy influences from other cultures in the Irish food scene. You can find just about any type of food no matter which city you’re living in!

Education System

Ireland is home to some of the best universities in Europe. Trinity College Dublin typically ranks within the Top 100 universities in the world, and University College Dublin is a close second. Both universities are known for producing top-notch graduates, especially in the fields of technology, medicine, and the humanities.

If you’re moving to Ireland with children, rest assured a great education lie in wait for them at one of these two universities! Or if you’re considering going back to school when you get here, don’t forget to also check out University College Cork, Dublin City University, or National University of Ireland, Galway!